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Product Code: Product18

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1. Widen Elastic Waistband

Extra long and widen elastic waistband, triple flex more than normal ones.


2. Patent Design of Distribution Gutters

The patent design of two distribution gutters can quickly spread urines, which makes absorb faster and more saturated.


3. 3D Soft Double Layers Topsheet

Two layers 3D soft topsheet, effectively reduces the contacting part between diapers and baby’s skin; it also lowers the risk of rewet and keeps topsheet dry.


4. Perfectly Boby Structure Cutting

Perfectly boby structure cutting fits for babies feeling more comfortable.


5. S Shape Side Magic Tapes

S shape magic tapes, without any sharp sides, it won’t hurt baby’s tender skin and Mom’s hands.


6. Ultra Soft and Breathable Backsheet

Ultra soft and breathable backsheet can quickly discharge urine moisture, keeping baby’s butt dry all the time.


7. Wetness Indicator

Yellow lines wetness indicator helps reminding Moms to change baby’s diapers in time conveniently.


8. Doulbe Layers Leakage Guards prevent sides leakage.


9. Imported Materials guaranteed the best materials used for diapers.